Kruger Folklores

Pangolin carving

Why Percy the Pangolin hides her scales


Long long ago Percy the Pangolin lived in a deep hole at the base of Rocky Road in the Sabi Sands. Percy was a big, bold and beautiful Pangolin that enjoyed spending most of her time outside in the day by the local watering hole.

One afternoon Percy met Bob, the Baboon and Ingrid, the Impala who informed her of the news from the east that bad people are coming into the reserve in search of Percy’s armour stack of scales. Bob seems to believe they want her scales for a magical potion that helps with growing taller and a potion that helps with growing thinner.

Percy was very shocked at this news from the east and did not know if she could believe what Bob the baboon was saying. ( Keeping in mind that story Bob shared last month about the crocodile and the squirrel was a complete lie). Even though Percy was hesitant she still decided to call a family Pangolin meeting. She informed her fellow scaly crawlers that there might be some bad people looking to take their precious scales for potions.

All the Pangolins were devastated by this news. How can they ever go out in daylight again? Risk the chance of being spotted by one of the potion thieves.

It was decided on that very day that Percy and the rest of her Pangolin family would never set foot out of their holes before the sun started setting. They also made sure that from that day on they moved as quietly as possible and that they soon would become the rarest spot to see in the bush. To save their precious scales they knew they had to almost become invisible.

Some say Percy still sneaks off to the waterhole at times, but this is said to be only after the first dip of the sun. No one really knows where she lives now as she never leaves anything behind and she has transformed her scales to blend in with the rest of the bush.

What does remain a fact is that Percy and her family still crawl the grounds of the Sabi Sands to this very day- it is to be believed that Percy and her family will only show themselves once they feel they can trust the people who are coming in their direction.

Having a view of Percy and her family is all about being in the right place with the right heart.

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