A child of Africa…

Welcome to my site!

I hope to answer any questions you may have when traveling to the Kruger National Park, to share some of my own Greater Kruger experiences and a space in which to share some natural wonders of nature through my eyes.

My story begins in Cape Town, South Africa just under thirty years ago. I began to explore the outside world close to where two great oceans meet, a staggeringly beautiful landscape of soaring Mountains and the unique flora of the Fynbos plant kingdom formed the backdrop for my tender inception. Little was I to realize the seed of wanderlust that was developing within me. Though my journey would take me to an entirely different continent, a whole other hemisphere many thousands of miles away in coming years, my heart would ultimately direct me back to the continent of my humble beginnings and my most real happiness – Africa. But perhaps we are getting ahead of ourselves. The year 2015 found me as a successful hotelier, working at an iconic luxury hotel in Banff, Alberta CA. In every material way I had been successful. I was earning well, excelling in my career in leaps and bounds but with every leap I moved a little further from my passion to be immersed in the wonderful wilderness where it all began. Change beckoned. I took a leap, threw the towel in at work – said goodbye to my steady income, loving family and friends and boarded a flight to Africa. All I had was a little money, my binoculars, camera and a dream. This would be the greatest change and biggest adventure yet. Little did I know what awaited me on the other end of my voyage into the unknown on my own.

My African adventure took me through homelessness, a very simple life out of a backpack, thrills tracking leopards as a research assistant in the mountains of Lydenburg and then hyenas in the barren desert of Namibia. With every passing day, inspite of the pressures of dwindling finances and human loneliness I knew that I had chosen the path towards my own heart and its greatest happiness. To make this life in this beautiful new home sustainable, I would have to find paying work. Tourism and hospitality is where my experience lay so naturally that’s where I began my search. I interviewed at some of the finest safari lodges in Southern Africa over a few tense weeks. Just as the last of my money was running out, with thoughts of having to soon admit defeat and release my grip on dreams of making this wilderness my home – I found it.

“Place of Little Fear” Ulusaba. My new home.

I should have known then, on that first journey in when the first wild creature we happened to come across was a stunning leopard, that this place was going to hold more magic and wonder than I could have imagined.

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  1. Petro says:

    I am on cloud nine…reading this. I have a HUGE smile on my face. Love reading every word…

    Liked by 1 person

  2. DaisyTheSuperdog says:

    Simply beautiful!

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  3. you are an inspiration…
    this warms my heart…..Anél in Africa


  4. John Sims says:

    Absolutely incredible.


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